SE7EN: Command and Control – touch-optimized application for real-time surveillance monitoring, video sharing and personnel collaboration.

  • Available for the leading mobile platforms and surface computing consoles
  • Lets central command and personnel communicate in real-time 
  • Share on-the-ground images and video for fully informed decisions 
  • Gain an enterprise-wide view of your facilities
  • Search locations and directions in map view

SE7EN: Command and Control enables users to conduct surveillance monitoring and supports coordination, collaboration and communication among personnel. It leverages the leading mobile operating systems and surface computing devices such as the multi-touch Microsoft Surface™ and PixelSense™ and Windows 7/8 computing platforms for literal hands-on access to real-time C2 information.

Powered by Telos' SE7EN framework, the application connects central command with end users in the field so they can receive real-time communication and data set transfers, including rich media formats such as high res images and video. Central command also has access to 24/7 video surveillance to provide continuous monitoring of locations and assets, enabling immediate command decisions.

In this highly collaborative environment, deployed personnel can directly connect with central command using the SE7EN: Command and Control client application on almost any mobile device. Whether forward deployed on the battlefield or a first responder, users can send and receive clear, comprehensible information that is vital to the success of the mission at hand.

Leveraging the latest technologies, SE7EN: Command and Control provides the following features:

Real-Time Communications – Provides a constant communication stream between central command and personnel, allowing fully auditable, real-time chat messaging, reachback capability and asset tracking.

Image and Video Sharing – Media data types can be shared and viewed simultaneously between central command and personnel, providing full insight and on-the-ground views for making informed decisions.

Facility Transparency – Delivers an enterprise-wide view of your facilities, giving central command and personnel access to real-time video surveillance, floor plans, and point-of-interest (POI) location data sets including hardware equipment and other assets.

Location Search Capability – Users can search locations and directions in map view with the application’s location search functionality.

Telos SE7EN Applications for Mobile and Touch-optimized, multi-user platforms

  • Comprehensible visual presentation of data
  • Access to real-time or near real-time information
  • Sharing information with restricted access controls
  • Integration of multiple information sets from disparate sources
  • Interoperability with existing and legacy systems