Multi-touch application development for secure mobile and other solutions.

Telos has adapted the best elements of agile, Rational Unified Process (RUP), and other RAD techniques as the foundation for its secure application development methodology to develop multi-touch, mobile, and other solutions in support of today's network-enabled enterprises. Our focus is on quickly delivering secure, scalable, reliable multi-touch and mobile solutions that achieve the customer’s objectives. The Telos methodology is:

  • Streamlined — agile techniques such as scrums and sprints help to eliminate scope creep, “over-engineering” of solutions, and other delays
  • Iterative — each stage of development is used as feedback to inform and improve subsequent steps, speeding production and improving performance of the final product
  • Quality-assured — continual testing and QA procedures throughout the development lifecycle catch issues early and ensure a reliable solution
  • Customer-focused — we maintain constant contact with the customer from requirements definition through final delivery to ensuring that their input and feedback is reflected in the solution

By using this approach, Telos ensures that solutions developed for our customers meet all essential project objectives, deliver state-of-the-art functionality, and result in the optimal user experience while streamlining the production process and significantly improving the quality of the result.