Mobile and touch-optimized application development for advanced information solutions.

Platforms and languages for emerging enterprise and mobile applications.

Telos development personnel work with leading technologies to create responsive, user-friendly multi-touch, mobile and other touch-optimized enterprise applications that foster collaboration and increase productivity. We are thoroughly versed in a variety of platforms and languages as a result of our breadth of experience in meeting a diverse range of government and commercial requirements. Thus the tools we select for our touch-optimized solutions are determined not by our skillsets, but by our customers’ specifications.


Development Platforms

Mobile Development – Telos delivers its solutions directly to users through mobile applications tailored for iPhone, BlackBerry, and other popular device platforms. With an emphasis on performance and security, our mobile applications leverage Java ME, Mobile AJAX, and other tools and technologies for mobile application development.

Microsoft Surface Logo Microsoft Surface™ – Microsoft’s revolutionary touch-optimized Surface technology allows users to directly interact with information and with one another in a naturally intuitive way. No longer constrained by clumsy intermediaries such as a keyboard or mouse, you work with applications, open files, share information, and other tasks with natural hand gestures. Telos is one of the premier developers for Microsoft Surface solutions in the federal space.

Windows 8 – Windows 8 and the mobile-optimized Windows RT makes it easy for Telos developers to create engaging, user-friendly applications that significantly enhance discoverability, usability, and productivity. Its clean interface and rich development features allow our developers to take advantage of the capabilities of the latest computing platforms, including touch APIs that support natural interactions through multi-touch and finger-panning.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) – We build lightweight, highly functional Web-based applications that mimic the functionality of desktop software, using Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX and other tools and techniques. These engaging, easy-to-use applications can dynamically and securely interact with databases, ERPs and other back-end applications to provide the functionality of a desktop program.

Java EE – Telos has in-depth experience developing in Java EE, the industry standard for implementing enterprise-class service-oriented architecture (SOA) and next-generation Web applications. Scalable and flexible, Java EE provides a framework for rapidly developing and deploying Web services on the Java platform.

Web Application Development – Telos develops Web applications for your specific requirements using established, standards-based tools and technologies to support fast development, a secure and stable foundation, and easy maintenance and expansion. We can build your solution from scratch, and we can integrate your existing hardware and applications so you continue leveraging value from them.

Development Languages

Telos developers are fluent in a variety of contemporary languages for application development, including:
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 
  • XNA 
  • . NET 
  • Java, J2ME 
  • ColdFusion 
  • Adobe Flash 
  • Adobe Flex 
  • Adobe ActionScript

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