Network Management Services

Telos in Action: Air Force Information Network / INOSC-West

The U.S. Air Force tapped Telos to manage operations at INOSC-West, one of two Integrated Network Operations and Security Centers (INOSCs) that direct the actions of network control centers and enterprise IT service desks for network defense, operations, and maintenance at fixed and deployed sites.

The Telos team for this vital work includes cyberspace and network defenders available twenty four hours a day, and security analysts, security engineers, event managers and enterprise controllers to maintain the security posture, continuity of operations and situational awareness across the enterprise. Telos has implemented ITSM-certified program management processes for proactive, broad spectrum network defense and mission assurance.

Managed Services for Network Operations, Maintenance, and Defense

  • Customer-focused service
  • Increased service availability, capacity, and performance
  • Operational resource reduction
  • Repeatable and measureable performance
  • Access to “evergreen” network management capabilities
  • Practical and proven enterprise security and defense 

Telos Corporation provides the complete spectrum of managed services and solutions needed for operating, administering, and defending complex enterprise networks.  Our managed network services reduce total cost of ownership while also ensuring system and network availability, information protection, and assured information delivery.

Telos network engineers, security specialists, and program managers are experienced with advanced DoD and federal networks, and are certified in the leading tools, technologies, and best practices for network management and administration.   We ensure the consistency and continuity of network management services required in today’s mission-critical network environments.  

Network Operations -- Telos provides situational awareness of your networks, including users, systems, and security posture.  Using standard management tools and common data information exchange formats, we monitor the performance of your networks and the information they carry to enable rapid response to new conditions, environments, and threats.  

Network Maintenance -- Telos personnel ensure the efficient performance of your networks through preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.  We also identify and recommend upgrades to network hardware, software, and data infrastructure to ensure your enterprise networks, data center, and other information resources are performing at optimal levels.

Network Defense -- Telos offers real-time threat monitoring, analysis, incident response, and remediation for tactical and strategic networks to minimize the impact of security events on operations while ensuring continuity of operations during attacks. We test, detect, and respond to events that might compromise information systems and report on the status of network defenses.