Telos Management Methodology

Telos’ proven approach to program management and staffing is simple and effective:

  • Find the right people and continue to train and evolve their skills,
  • Use proven processes that ensure mission objectives and customer satisfaction, and
  • Provide the right tools to the team to ensure they can do their job as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our flexibility lets us meet your immediate and evolving requirements; we respond with more agility than larger companies, yet we’re large enough and have the partnerships in place to scale rapidly in order to meet the requirements of any engagement.  

Our management techniques include a variety of tools and solutions, including systems for key performance indicator (KPI) measurement and tracking; asset and property management; accounting; quality/safety management; recruiting and HRIS; and planning and scheduling.  Telos also dedicates a Web-based portal to our programs for collaboration and communication to enable the seamless flow of information across organizations.