Personnel identity vetting and investigation from Telos ID.

Every employer has the responsibility to exercise due diligence in hiring. Telos ID’s employee investigation services and solutions support those critical tasks.  

Our services and solutions enable commercial and government agencies to quickly, accurately and securely capture an applicant’s biometric information and process that against state or federal systems to verify the applicant’s criminal history. We provide quality services, products and training that can help your organization mitigate risks. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for background check results; today Telos ID returns results in just minutes.

  • Do you know who you’re hiring? 
  • Have you done your due diligence to ensure your organization is protected?

Our solutions include a broad range of services from name- and fingerprint-based background checks to credit and employment checks using our premier cloud solutions. 

IDVetting is a comprehensive managed service that directly submits electronic biometric fingerprints to the FBI to compare with criminal history record information (CHRI) with fast (less than 24 hours) electronic response for customers who have authorized access under federal statutes (FBI Channeling).

MobileAssure Capture is an advanced software platform designed to enroll applicants' biographic and biometric information.  Well suited for both mobile and fixed environments, MobileAssure Capture can be used for identity verification, enrollment, credentialing or any application requiring the collection of biographic and biometric information. MobileAssure Capture is an all-in-one client based solution that gives the operator the opportunity to work in either a networked or non networked environment.

MobileAssure Gateway  is a Web-based service for fingerprint submission.  This system allows applicants to register on line, enter their information, schedule an appointment for their fingerprint collection and pay.  The site operators can update site hour of operations, pre-enroll applicants, and review scheduled applicants.