Employee badging: MAAC eCredential for assuring identities, verifying credentials, and issuing badges. 

MAAC eCredential leverages Telos ID’s proven smart card and biometrics technologies to provide highly secure identification and verification processes that enhance security and data privacy.  Multi-factor verification ensures that personnel are who they say they are.  Use MAAC eCredential to:

  • Design and print ID badges
  • Manage ID badges in multi-user, multi-role environments
  • Credential personnel for specific skills, education, and training
  • Manage  multiple ID printers issuing cards simultaneously in multiple locations

MAAC eCredential lets personnel managers verify the identity of employees and contractors at enrollment and assign them trusted credentials, ensuring that proper roles for access to mission-critical applications and systems has been granted.

Credentials are confirmed through a trusted professional credential repository – external or internal to the enterprise – where academic degrees, external certifications, or even internal titles can be linked to an electronic identity to grant or deny access to particular databases, portals, and applications based on the credentials of the user.

MAAC eCredential can confirm medical or legal degrees, credentials for teaching and law enforcement, certifications for IT or accounting, and other credentials. When the credentialing repository responds, the results may be stored for re-use as part of the authentication process. It offers attribute proofing through industry leaders in the attribute vetting industry such as Equifax’s attribute authentication services and others.

Secured and assured: MAAC eCredential assures access privileges on the MAAC system via a secure Web site.  Only the owner of the information (user) and the organizations to which the owner has granted permission can access the information. 

Apply credentials to smart ID badges:  MAAC eCredential can also extend the confirmed credentials of a user to a physical form by issuing ID badges managed by the organization responsible for the personnel or for a specific event. MAAC eCredential interfaces with most badge printing systems in the market such as Fargo, Polaroid, Datacards, and others. 

Design and edit badges for multiple groups:  The module also includes a graphical ID badge editor that allows an administrator to create any badge design and assign it to specific companies or groups. The design along with the user database can be securely downloaded from the MAAC server to most commercial printing solutions.

Leverage your existing identity systems: MAAC eCredential can also be integrated with existing solutions to provide additional value, optimize savings and enhance productivity.