MobileAssure Verifier for commercial access verification

MobileAssure Verifier is a security service that provides greater protection and safety for business and residential locations. MobileAssure Verifier enables businesses and residential buildings to conduct verification of visiting personnel to ensure their identity, purpose, and authorization to be on-site. MobileAssure Verifier provides a fast, secure, lightweight solution to better secure your business or homes from those who might attempt access and commit crimes or damage.

MobileAssure Verifier provides local security personnel with verification of photo, employer, and purpose to assist in making the best possible decisions about access.  MobileAssure Verifier MobileAssure Verifier supports the capture of the visitor's ID number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) and submits the data to a trusted network.  It then receives the photo, name, employer, plus any required additional data to authorize or deny the entry decision.  For higher security solutions a fingerprint reader can be added for additional positive identification of the visitor.

The MobileAssure Verifier is a versatile system that operates on a variety of devices including Smart Phone, PDA or laptop computer. The keypad communicates to the verifier device (Smart Phone, PDA, etc) over a secure wireless connection enabling the device to work in any environment.  The MobileAssure Verifier uses network or cell phone connectivity to transmit and receive security data.
Visitors enter their ID number and PIN on the Verifier remote keypad on the exterior of the entryway, gate or residence.  The MobileAssure Verifier transmits the visitor's information to a trusted network.  The network verifies the information and returns the person's name, picture, employer, and any other required information to assist in the security decision. The application checks against the local site rules for entry and highlights the screen red or green with the recommended decision.  This process enables the guard to make an informed decision for access based on the information received. The system records all entries and access denials.