Personnel access management: MAAC eAccess biometrics-based system for stadiums, arenas, and other venues.

  • Deploy quickly and easily to offsite or onsite locations
  • Assure positive identification of employees at each event
  • Improve your view of staffing levels and personnel readiness
  • Automate the reconciliation of work schedules with payroll
  • Issue real-time alerts and notifications across the system

MAAC eAccess is a personnel access solution for workforce management, identity enrollment and verification at stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and other venues. Part of the integrated and secure Mobile Authentication and Authorization Control (MAAC) suite, MAAC eAccess supports a broad range of biometric devices to ensure the effective personnel access and identity management of direct employees as well as contractor and temporary staff.

Highly scalable and capable of exchanging data with multiple ID management, scheduling and payroll systems, MAAC eAccess provides a stable and reliable secure platform for personnel management, credentialing, and venue access control.  MAAC eAccess offers all the capabilities needed for complete personnel authentication and schedule management in a single framework.

MAAC eAccess Makes It Easy to Enroll, Schedule, Validate, Report and Reconcile

The MAAC eAccess system lets you quickly enroll contractor personnel, manage their work schedules, and verify their identities and their authorization to work on the event day. The system can operate in mobile mode for local functionality or remotely for 'wired/wireless' or Web-based access.
Mobile Authentication and Authorization Control