Identity Authentication and Access Solutions

These solutions integrate identity authentication, multi-organization workforce management, physical access and personnel resource planning into mobile and deployable packages that provide biometrically advanced protection. These solutions give you secure control over physical access to military bases, office buildings, stadiums/venues, disaster sites, and other facilities. Telos ID provides requirements analysis and conceptual design, systems biometric hardware integration, application integration, technology insertion, deployment, and forward support.

Workforce Management and Access
Mobile Authentication and Authorization Control (MAAC™) is a versatile Web solution for efficient and secure management of event personnel, whether direct employees, contractors or temporary staff.

Credentialing Solutions
Telos ID credentialing solutions and products are deployed across multiple environments and business sectors, including federal civilian agencies, the Department of Defense, and commercial enterprises.

Handheld Authentication Software
MobileAssure® software for the leading handheld platforms and devices uses strong three-factor authentication to verify personal information.

Verification Solutions
MobileAssure Verifier is a fast, secure, lightweight solution for verifying visitors to ensure greater protection and safety for business and residential locations.