Identity Assurance and Access Solutions

  DoD, federal government, industry
  FIPS 201 | NIST SP 800-78
  Strong biometrics authentication
  Verification services

Support for the world’s
largest smart card program
Issue credentials on the spot:
any place, any time
Validate candidate backgrounds
in less than a day
Schedule and deploy
authorized personnel
Manage access to secure
facilities and venues
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Our identity management solutions create a perimeter that protects and defends the physical and virtual resources of key defense and civilian agencies and commercial enterprises. DoD and armed forces personnel, the intelligence community, and event venues all rely on our solutions. Customers and programs include the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), RAPIDS, DBIDS, and the Noncombatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) Tracking System.xx

Telos ID partners with leading technology companies to deliver integrated solutions that ensure virtually impenetrable physical and logical protection. We also have experience with wireless technologies, PKI security, information assurance, systems integration, maintenance, and support to ensure the optimal performance and integrity of your identity management solution.

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Identity management and access solutions for government and corporate requirements

Telos ID (Telos Identity Management Solutions LLC) is among the world's leading providers of identity management and access solutions. Telos Corporation has a 60% ownership interest in Telos ID. 

Our solutions for identity management give you control of physical access to military bases, office buildings, disaster sites, workstations, and other facilities, as well as control of logical access to databases, host systems, and other IT resources.

Telos ID offers a range of solutions for identity and biometric capture, management, and protection. They feature best-of-breed platforms from the leading manufacturers, enhanced by our software solutions and by technical and business expertise gained in some the world’s largest and most difficult identity management environments. Our solutions include:

Mobile Authentication and Authorization Control (MAAC) – A comprehensive suite of products for workforce and access management that streamlines operations and minimizes overhead to make businesses more efficient and more profitable.

Telos ID DAC – Telos ID Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services offer airports and air carriers a more efficient TSA-approved alternative to other background checking and badging services, with lower fees, better customer service and quicker processing through a secure web-based solution.

IDVetting™ – Managed fingerprint-based background checking services for employees, candidates, and contractors to help government agencies, schools, and commercial organizations to secure their environment, reduce risk and cost, and comply with federal, state, and local laws.

MobileAssure handheld authentication software – Operable on the leading handheld platforms, this strong multi-factor handheld authentication software makes MobileAssure the right choice to meet the security and authentication requirements of the most demanding applications. 

Contact us to learn more about these and other solutions for your particular requirements.  We look forward to discussing your agency or company and your identity management goals.