Telos Company and Product Information

Telos Corporation

Telos corporate brochure: Solutions that Empower and Protect the Enterprise
(PDF, 9pp., 11M)

Cybersecurity: Threat and Response
(PDF, 9pp., 193k)

Team Telos NETCENTS-2 Overview
(PDF, 2pp., 214k)

Team Telos NETCENTS-2 Brochure 
(PDF, 4pp., 930k)

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Telos Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Brochure 
(PDF, 4pp., 439k)


Sign up for an Xacta IA Manager online evaluation account

Xacta IA Manager Case Study for the DoD
(PDF, 2pp., 360k)

Xacta Assessment Engine (Xacta IA Manager)
(PDF, 8pp., 7.3M)

Xacta Continuum (Xacta IA Manager)
(PDF, 4pp., 3.25M)

Xacta Controls Compliance Manager(Xacta IA Manager)
(PDF, 4pp., 880k)

Xacta CCM: Part of Xacta IA Manager(Xacta IA Manager)
(PDF, 2pp., 533k)

DIACAP-to-NIST RMF Transition
(PDF, 2pp., 785k)

Continuous Monitoring
(PDF, 8pp., 3.01M)


Telos Licensed ASCA Services
(PDF, 2pp., 285k)

Enterprise Cybersecurity Consulting
(PDF, 1p., 1M)

Penetration Testing Services
(PDF, 4pp., 785k)

Telos Cloud Security Services
(PDF, 2pp., 3.28M)

Network Management and Defense

Network Management and Defense brochure
(PDF, 8pp., 1.2M)

Active Defense: Overview and Operational Requirements
(PDF, 8pp., 247k)

IT Service Management (ITSM) brochure
(PDF, 2pp., 1.1M)

Enterprise Network Management brochure
(PDF, 4pp., 384k)

Enterprise Cybersecurity Consulting
(PDF, 1p., 1M)

Penetration Testing Services
(PDF, 4pp., 785k)

Application Software Assurance brochure
(PDF, 2pp., 275k)

Analyst Coverage

IDC Government Insights Best Practices:
ProveIT Case Study for US Air Force Software Assurance Center of Excellence

(PDF, 26pp., 317k)

Secure Network Solutions

Multi-layered Network Security

Telos Ghost for Military and Public Safety
(PDF, 4pp., 581k)

Telos Ghost for Commercial Requirements
(PDF, 4pp., 581k)

Network Infrastructure Monitoring

SE7EN: NetAlert 
(PDF, 4pp., 581k)

Secure PON

Secure Passive Optical Networks
(PDF, 4pp., 494k)

The Truth About Passive Optical Networks
(PDF, 13pp., 637k)

PON Solutions for DoD and Federal Agencies
(PDF, 2pp., 856k)

Passive Optical Networks Backgrounder
(PDF, 4pp., 664k)

Other Secure Network Solutions

Telos DAWN (Deploy Anywhere Wireless Node)
(PDF, 2pp., 360k)

I-STAMS - Integrated Tactical Area Mesh System
(PDF, 2pp., 4.47M)

I-STAMS WDM - Wireless Distribution Module
(PDF, 2pp., 4.09M)

Solar Powered Wireless Video Surveillance
(PDF, 1pg., 468k)

Telos Secure Networks Training Center and Technology Lab
(PDF, 1pg., 229k)

Static Safe - Laptop Lockup

LL7D-07 / 7-Drawer Unit with Storage Drawer
LL-16/20-07-CAC / 16-drawer CAC-enabled Storage Cabinet
LL-20-07 / 20-Drawer Unit
LL-10-3 / 10-Drawer Unit
LL7D-03 / 7-Drawer Unit
LL-10-07-AL / 11-Drawer Unit

Mission Applications and Development

SE7EN: Mission Planner
(PDF, 4pp., 2.69M)

SE7EN: Custom Operational View
(PDF, 2pp., 334k)

Mobile Application Development
(PDF, 2pp., 1.56M)

Identity Solutions

Telos ID Capabilities Brochure
(PDF, 4pp., 4.9M)

Telos Designated Aviation Channeling

Designated Aviation Channeling Data Sheet
(PDF, 2pp., 1.03M)

Designated Aviation Channeling Flyer
(PDF, 1pg., 367K)

Sacramento Int'l Airport DAC Case Study
(PDF, 4pp., 504K)

Mobile Authentication and Authorization Control

MAAC Overview Brochure
(PDF, 4pp., 770K)

Capabilidades de MAAC Suite
(PDF, 4pp., 2.6M)

MAAC eAccess
(PDF, 2pp., 1.22M)

MAAC eScheduler
(PDF, 2pp., 946k)

FedExField: A MAAC eAccess Case Study
(PDF, 4pp., 794k)

Redskins: A MAAC eScheduler Case Study
(PDF, 4pp., 1.1M)

Other Telos Identity Solutions

MobileAssure Handheld Authentication Software
(PDF, 2pp., 928k)

MobileAssure Verifier
(PDF, 2pp., 793k

Hand Geometry Unit (HGU)
(PDF, 1pg., 790k)

Secure Communications

AMHS Streamlines Official Communications Across the DoD: A Case Study
(PDF, 4pp., 1.93M)

AMHS Air Force Business Case Study
(PDF, 1pp., 2.29M)

Telos Secure Information eXchange T-6
(PDF, 4pp., 1.98M)

Telos Secure Collaboration
(PDF, 2pp., 1.39M)

Telos Secure Unified Directory
(PDF, 4pp., 1.7M)

Telos Automated Message Handling System AMHS
(PDF, 2pp., 1.34M)

Telos AMHS: ITS Capability
(PDF, 2pp., 412k)

Telos OIX: Official Information Exchange
(PDF, 2pp., 1.2M)