Xacta Continuum:

Correlate results from multiple security scans into a single view and map them to the relevant controls

Collect the diverse range of data you need for continuous monitoring

Reduces the time needed to analyze and confirm finding across hundreds of assets

Utilize trending reports for greater understanding of how findings have changed over time

Increase analysts’ effectiveness in understanding extensive security results

Standardize your security approach and methodology by using centralized repositories of mappings to controls

Adaptive Mapping™: The Key to Continuous Compliance.

Adaptive Mapping is Xacta Continuum’s unique capability for bridging the gaps between system vulnerabilities and their related controls. It dynamically maps the content from various vulnerability schemas to the relevant controls in a relationship model. It automatically detects and plots the points of intersection among vulnerabilities, controls, and assets. And, the model grows as new sources of information such as third-party scans are added.

With Adaptive Mapping, security testers and assessors can look across multiple security feeds and understand how they influence a variety of controls and requirements for a particular product or system.

Cascading Analytics: Analyze Many Assets with Less Effort.

Xacta Continuum can adaptively cascade the analysis performed on an asset to all other related assets and tests. This process of analyzing and cascading can be repeated across your environment until all assets are analyzed.

Cascading Analytics is revolutionary in its approach to increasing productivity while decreasing analysis efforts on the part of the user. Analyze just a few assets and let Cascading Analytics apply that analysis to the rest.

Xacta HostInfo: Gather the information needed for security assurance.

This family of platform-specific executables collects and provides security-relevant configuration information to the Xacta Detect server for assessment. Xacta HostInfo also supports NIST SCAP-validated testing capabilities to determine compliance with FDCC and other XCCDF checklists.
Xacta Continuum diagram

This diagram shows the typical data flow of a request for asset compliance status. Xacta Continuum rapidly gathers and aggregates the latest HostInfo and third-party scans and delivers the results to the browser-based user interface. (Click to enlarge.)

Xacta® Continuum™: Automate key tasks in continuous monitoring for a single integrated view of your security compliance posture.

Xacta Continuum is part of the Xacta IA Manager Risk Management Suite

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Now there’s a solution for taking control of your ever-changing security compliance landscape. Xacta Continuum™ correlates scan results from multiple security products across your organization into a single view, and maps them to the relevant controls for security and risk management, such as NIST 800-53, CNSS 1253, DoDi 8500.2, ISO, and others. You can then use these results to create reports for analysis and to understand trending security issues in their environment.

Xacta Continuum's Adaptive Mapping capability automatically maps asset and vulnerability data from a variety of security tools to the relevant controls.

Xacta Continuum gives you:

  • A holistic view of your organization’s asset compliance posture
  • Fast, automated processes for aggregating multiple scan results using our Adaptive Mapping™ algorithm
  • Actionable reporting metrics for thoughtful, prioritized decisions
  • Multi-level reporting with comprehensive, historical trending capabilities
  • Greater confidence in test results and reports
  • A more consistent methodology for evaluating your security posture
  • Generation of POA&Ms that integrate with Xacta Assessment Engine
  • Direct support for assessment boundaries

Xacta Continuum is 100% SCAP compliant and accepts configuration and vulnerability data captured from a long list of security tools that assess hosts, application servers, databases, and source code. Our flexible but powerful plug-in development interface allows you to create plug-ins to support any third party scanning tool. Configuration and vulnerability data that can’t be automatically captured can be easily collected using the Xacta Assessment Engine.

With capabilities unmatched in the industry, Xacta Continuum gives analysts an unprecedented understanding of their asset vulnerability landscape.

Xacta Continuum works as part of the Xacta IA Manager framework to expedite continuous monitoring.