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Transition from DIACAP to NIST RMF with Xacta IA Manager

 Learn how our solutions, services and experience can help you successfully transition to the RMF for DoD IT.
Xacta Continuum
Xacta Continuum™: Gain a single integrated view of your security posture.
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Xacta Campaign Compliance Manager
Xacta Campaign Compliance Manager: Streamline and manage compliance processes.
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Accessibility: VPAT and 508 Compliance.
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Xacta® IA Manager: IT risk management through continuous compliance monitoring and ongoing authorization.

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  • Establish a centralized IT risk management platform for enterprise security intelligence

  • Streamline assessment and authorization (A&A) processes for NIST RMF, DoD RMF, CNSS, USGCB/SCAP, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27002, SOX, and more

  • Collect extensive IT asset inventory data

  • Detect, identify, and remediate threats to system security

  • Generate the reports and documentation needed for regulatory compliance
So you can:
  • Get your Approval to Operate (ATO) up to 70 percent faster

  • Conduct OS configurations, patch-level analysis, and other tests up to 75 percent faster

  • Reduce time to research new vulnerabilities by up to 90 percent

  • Reduce time to generate assessment and authorization (A&A) / regulatory documentation by up to 70 percent

  • Automates Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM) and Test Plan Generation; reduce time by eight work weeks

  • Reduce time required for re-accreditation by up to 60 percent through continuous monitoring

Xacta IA Manager is an enterprise IT risk management solution that facilitates continuous compliance monitoring and ongoing authorization.

Deployed at over two dozen federal agencies and commercial enterprises, Xacta IA Manager enables you to continuously manage security compliance and risk as well as automatically manage key elements of the assessment and authorization process.

Xacta IA Manager and the NIST RMF diagram

Xacta IA Manager and the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Xacta Assessment Engine: Supports system assessment and authorization across the enterprise

Xacta Continuum: Enables continuous compliance of automated controls across multiple systems and standards

Xacta Compliance Campaign Manager: Streamlines compliance of manual controls through qualitative surveys and questionnaires