Xacta CyberCOP integrates with these and other tools for network administration and security:

Application Management Tools 

Asset Inventory / Management Software 

Configuration Management 

Collaboration Platforms 

Data Storage Systems 

End User Experience Monitoring 

Facilities Management Systems 

Help and Service Desk Applications 

Mobile Device Management 

Network Management/Monitoring 

Risk Management Frameworks 

Security Information and Event Management Tools 

Vulnerability Analysis and Management


Geomapped network visualization integrates data from multiple sources.

Xacta CyberCOP gives you a real-time 360-degree view of your network and security posture.  It integrates the information you need from all sources in a geomapping interface that provides an immediately comprehensible view of your cyber environment. 

Xacta CyberCOP lets authorized parties quickly share, assess, and display information on network operations and defense so they can understand and act on it. Access to live data ensures information is current and reliable, and enterprise process automation captures and enforces best network operational and cybersecurity practices.  Xacta CyberCOP sets the standard for the command and control of secure networks.


Geomapping interface brings your network environment to life.

More than just a dashboard, Xacta CyberCOP offers interactive 2D/3D displays of your network environment using network icons and notations.  Start with a high-level global view of your network, filter by continents, nations and regions, then drill down to the node level.  Color-coded status alerts let you know where there are problems that need to be addressed.




Xacta® CyberCOP     

Gain the confidence of a real-time common operational picture and situational awareness of your network’s performance and security.

  • Visualization tools with geomapping interface to immediately see network and cyber COP

  • Rapidly identify service outages and degradations, network attacks, mission impacts

  • Integrate real-time data feeds from multiple sources (network management applications, help desk, security tools, others)

  • Widget-style dashboard lets users customize their view of information for a user-defined operational picture (UDOP)

  • Designed for use on classified / SIPR networks

  • Web-based application; accessible from mobile devices

  • Built on the Telos SE7EN development platform for interactive data-visualization applications

Xacta® CyberCOP gives today’s warfighter immediate awareness and greater control over critical missions through a global enterprise common operational picture (COP) of network components, performance, and security postures. Xacta CyberCOP blends network operational status, geospatial data, and real-time feeds and cybersecurity tools for full cyber situational awareness and greater mission assurance.

Xacta CyberCOP diagram

Built on the SE7EN development platform, Xacta CyberCOP integrates and manages feeds from servers, switches, firewalls, management tools, and other network resources.  It assembles these layers of information into a clear and immediately understandable COP of your network,accessible on a variety of fixed and mobile platforms such as multi-touch consoles and tablet devices. 


 CyberCOP geomap interface

Users can review real-time data plotted on a geomap interface with high-resolution satellite imagery for an instantly understandable view of their network status and cybersecurity posture.