» QuickSAR: Quick Security Assessment and Remediation

» Security Vulnerability Identification and Analyses

» Vulnerability Rectification and Mitigation

» Security Architecture Design and Implementation

Cybersecurity Engineering

When creating stable, secure, and functional networks, it is important to understand all the network components and technology, operating systems, functional and security requirements, and how they work together. Telos IT cybersecurity engineers are vendor certified and have experience in operating and securing all major network vendors and enterprise operating systems. We also understand the constraints of installation and operation set forth by governmental agencies, international standards, and industry regulations.

Our experts understand networking technologies such as routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), servers, workstations, and mainframes, and how they are used to deliver business value. This operational perspective allows us to design a network flexible enough to meet your ever-changing needs while maintaining a secure and stable system.