Telos: Solutions that empower and protect the enterprise.

Solutions and services for:

  • Defense Department
  • Intelligence Community
  • Homeland Security
  • Federal Agencies
  • Commercial Enterprises
  • NATO Allies

Solutions and services include:

  • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • Secure Network Solutions
  • Network Management and Defense
  • Mission Applications and Development
  • Secure Communications
  • Identity Assurance and Access Solutions
Telos offers solutions that assure the security of enterprise information and deliver that information to users when and where they need it. 

Our solutions are employed by defense and civilian agencies of the federal government, the intelligence community, all branches of the armed forces, and substantive commercial enterprises such as healthcare providers and financial services firms. 

The success of our customers’ missions is vital to the interests of the nation, its allies, and its economic and societal well-being.  The performance of their missions relies on information that’s secure, accurate, authentic, and timely.  That’s why they turn to Telos. 

Telos solutions: Enabling enterprises to securely and successfully achieve their global missions.

To meet the needs of today’s government and commercial enterprises, information must be portable, easily shareable, and protected against unauthorized access. Telos solutions and applications meet these requirements on all counts by delivering information where and when it’s needed – safely and reliably.  Telos solutions are...

SecureSecure: Telos builds security into every solution and application we offer using the leading standards for securing communications systems, wired and wireless networks, mobile applications, and physical and logical access solutions.  Telos is also a leading provider of cybersecurity services to federal agencies, the military, and financial services firms.

MobileMobile: Telos offers secure mobile solutions that extend the reach of enterprise networks to deployed locations and isolated areas while protecting against unauthorized access.  Our solutions deliver voice, data and video for the military and first responders working at the edge of the network in harsh environments and challenging conditions.

Real-timeReal-time: Telos solutions use secure networks and integrated views of real-time data sources to ensure all information is current and correct wherever it’s used.  This is especially critical for applications such as identity vetting, airport security, and continuous monitoring that demand immediate access to up-to-the-minute information.

CollaborativeCollaborative: Telos enables personnel across a region and around the world to work securely and productively as if they’re in the same room. Telos applications use surface computing, secure messaging, whiteboarding, chat, and audio-video conferencing to provide an environment for secure, real-time communication and collaboration.